Vietnam Officially Joined The TPP Negotiations

On 14 December 2010, in the first conference’s framework of Trans Pacific Partnerships’ (TPP) nine members, President Nguyen Minh Triet informed that Vietnam will join TPP negotiations as an official member.

President affirmed that Vietnam will effort with the other members to contribute TPP to become a new regional economic integration, dynamic and to meet the members’ benefits, contributing to grow economic integration, and to prosperity of the region. Leaders of countries member have welcomed the official join of Vietnam into the TPP negotiations and expected the parties to quickly complete the next round of negotiations to make the Agreement takes effects.

Known TPP derived from the Agreement on Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic (hereinafter referred to as P4), a Free Trade Agreement was signed on 03 June 2005, with take effects from 28 May 2006 between Singapore, Brunei, Chile and New Zealand. So far, with the participation of two new members Malaysia and Vietnam, total 9 participants are in the negotiations.



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